In the current health climate, people are having to adapt how they live their day to day lives. But as you adapt, we here at The Physiotherapy Centre and Connect Allied Health Hub are adapting with you! 

We have been hard at work getting our Telehealth service up and running so we can offer our clients the same specialised services and quality of care which we are known for. One of the areas which we will be offering via Telehealth is Speech Pathology. 

With the full support of Speech Pathology Australia, Telehealth has been a main area of focus for many businesses over the last years. There is strong evidence supporting the use of Telehealth in paediatric speech and language therapy including reading support (for example dyslexia), speech delays and social skills, adult speech and language therapy including stuttering and word finding difficulties, voice therapy and even the possibility of swallowing assessments and therapy. 

With easy to follow instructions and set up support available from our team - give Telehealth a chance!

Stay connected to see how we can help you attain your health goals! We appreciate your support in this difficult time.