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Since the beginnings of the Big Bash league over 5 years ago, cricket has not seen a batsman as exciting and powerful as Brisbane’s Chris Lynn. The laid back Queenslander has been in flying form with the bat, leading his team from the front on their way to second place in BBL 6. His outstanding achievements have earned him a call up to Australia’s One Day side, much to the delight of cricket fans Australia wide currently swept up in the wave of Lynnsanity.


Behind the scenes though, Chris Lynn has been battling a chronic neck issue. Originally reported as a shoulder problem, Lynn confirmed that Doctors had found a disc problem in his neck that was resulting in shoulder and arm pain. Unfortunately he aggravated this neck problem in the first One Day game at the Gabba against Pakistan and missed the rest of Australia’s series.


Disc problems of the neck can be debilitating at times, and the fact that Lynn has been able to continue playing despite it is a remarkable achievement in itself.

Disc issues often result in pain in the shoulder, arm and hand, can cause headaches and tightness of the neck muscles. Often diagnosis can be quite difficult, and Lynn is a prime example of this with Doctors believing his pain to be originating in his shoulder for weeks prior to discovering the problem in his neck.


Lynn currently will be undergoing Physiotherapy treatment to help reduce pain and correct the disc problem that he has. Physiotherapy is the most effective way of treating neck pain, by focussing on maintaining normal movement, muscle strengthening and other hands on techniques, most neck issues can be fixed within a few weeks of onset.


Hopefully for Chris Lynn, Brisbane Heat supporters and cricket fans alike, Lynn will be able to make a swift recovery and will be back out in the middle doing what he does best.

If you have a neck or shoulder problem, come see us at The Physiotherapy Centre where we can assess you to determine the source of your pain and assist you in recovering as soon as possible. Call us on 4661 5577 to make an appointment!

Are Your Headaches a Pain in the Neck?

Did you know that 3 out of 5 people reading this article are likely to have a headache?
And there now seems to be a never-ending list of different pills and tablets available that supposedly get rid of these headaches. Well, here at The Physiotherapy Centre, we know that there is a better way to stop the problem and make the headaches stay away. 

Many headaches involve the nerves, blood vessels and muscles that cover a person’s head and neck. Sometimes the muscles or blood vessels swell or tighten placing pressure on the surrounding nerve tissue. This can result in pain developing in the neck and head and lead to other symptoms such as dizziness and nausea.

Physiotherapy can effectively manage these symptoms by addressing the muscles and joints of the neck, allowing for more appropriate posture and spinal alignment. 

So if you are struggling with re-occurring headaches – come in to The Physiotherapy Centre and see what our highly qualified Physiotherapists and Massage Therapist can do for you! 
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